Tuesday, January 24, 2012

If You're Gay, You Must Read This

Even when he is linking to other quality content from his quality content, Mark Shea speaks the truth.

Oh, you're probably wondering about that title, huh? Bear with me.

In earnest, though, I think Mary Kochan has a point here. In fairness, it's a point I have made before. It's also the reason I'm baffled as to why every group with a pet advocacy isn't also pro-life. And yes, I'm looking at you, gay people.

Here's a reality that Donald McClarey would bristle at: whether you are for "traditional marriage" or "marriage equality" is absolutely irrelevant if you're not also unequivocally pro-life. Also moot before the question of life is whether we ought to build a society driven by market forces or civic paternalism. SOPA? Doesn't effing matter, bro. NDAA, TSA, and what the hey? They can't lock you up, grab your crotch, or whatever else it is they plan if you aren't alive in the first place.

Honestly, people: the right to life is the tap root. It is the mother of all rights. It is, as my political science professor would likely chuckle to read me say, the conditio sine qua non of basically the entire premise of polity qua polity. You can't actually have an authentic society without acknowledging the right to life - hell, you can't even limp along with a shit society for long without it. You go from a kingdom of ends to a kingdom of means, where everyone is a tool for everyone else and nobody is a person to anyone.

I've made it known that I don't put a lot of importance on the idea of keeping homosexuality out of civil marriage, because I think it's a stupid fight (more on that another time, if you will); but I think it's a fight still more foolish when the wholesale dehumanization of the fundamentally innocent and defenseless is a fact of daily life. That's my critique of people on "my" side of the fence.

Of course, this is also precisely why I think that if you are for "marriage equality," then you should also be pro-life.


You heard me. Are you gay? Do you think that gay folks ought to enjoy legal recognition and benefits - should they be minded to obtain them - to which they are not currently entitled under the law? Are you convinced that there is a contingent within society that is hell-bent on denying you what you see as fundamental human rights?

Fine, then go ahead and pursue your goals and your agendas. Just know this - if your opponents are really as full of hate as you think they are, what do you think will stop them from coming up with a way of testing for homosexuality in utero and essentially abortion you people out of existence? Seem far fetched? Probably, at the moment. But in a day when babies are literally commodities to be ordered to spec and discarded if they do not meet certain "quality" metrics, what makes you so confident that being gay isn't going to go out of style or become disfavored at some point? How can you be so certain you won't be the next Down's Syndrome - in other words, in a situation where only a micro-minority survive until birth?

I would submit that, as absurd as you might deem that scenario, you would be wrong. And even if you aren't wrong about this, specifically, your fundamental human dignity - the one that doesn't give a crap about whom you're buggering, or what, or where - is compromised without reference to the sexuality (the importance of which you've inflated beyond all reason). The right to life, once compromised for some, is compromised for all. It is not a slippery slope; it's the rutting Hoover Dam, and rather than an erosion of the right, abortion is a ton of TNT sitting at the base. If you're sitting at the top, you may not notice right away that there's a hole at the bottom. But in time - and not too much time, in historical terms - you're going to notice. Mark my words.

So maybe it's time for you to get your head out of your partner's ass - sorry, couldn't resist - and think about where things are going. Maybe rethink your priorities. But don't wait too long. There might not be a society left to impart recognition to your union if you wait too long.

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