Monday, February 13, 2012

Barack Obama is an Amazing Man

I was in the middle of writing a post last week about how I really couldn't give a hoot about who won the election any more. The way I saw it, whether Obama won, or Romney - because let's face it, nobody else was going to get the Republican nomination - nothing was going to change in any way that really mattered. If you've read my reflections on politics (I delineate "politics" from political theory here; politics is more topical) for any period of time, then you probably already know where this is going.

Yup, life.

Stealing rather blatantly from Mr. Button's concept of the 3%, I'm going to reiterate the premise that the question of the right to life is the seminal question, the seminal right. You don't get to be "progressive" if you don't get to be alive. You don't get to be successful, or drink, or fall in love, either. You don't get to be gay, you don't get to be straight. In point of fact, there are no lifestyle choices unless there is some assurance of life to start with. And as recently as a week ago, I couldn't see a difference between the GOP and the Democrats on that one very important issue, so I couldn't see how whether one party or another winning would make any difference to me.

Then Obama, that crazy genius, solved the problem for me.

My detachment and pessimistic resignation relied on the continuing premise that there would never be a terrific difference from the status quo. Leave it to our fearless, hopeful, change-y president to shoot that all to hell and gone. By indicating that he is willing to not only defend but offensively expand state sponsorship of things that run counter to the Catholic conscience on the issue of life, he's given me an active interest in his undoing. And not just me.

So, yes, Barack Obama is an amazing man. He has wrenched me loose of my torpor and disinterest in politics and has me re-engaged.

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