Wednesday, August 15, 2012

عدو عدوي صديقي

Mark Shea has it right. There are those among us so deficient in humanity that they'd say terrorizing Muslims is a good thing. Get the foreign element off of our sacred, liberty-soaked soil. They hate us for our freedoms, don't you know, so why should we let them benefit from them? But even those who got an F in basic decency likely got a passing grade in self interest, and it doesn't take a genius to realize that the threat posed by the militant adherents of the religion of atheism is a greater one than the threat posed by the partisan of any theism I can currently think of; let alone the fact that the only militant Muslims in Missouri are the ones who were driven to that point by the meatheads setting their mosque on fire.

I'm not asking anyone to like somebody they're disinclined to like. God doesn't call us to like people (it's a far more challenging task than the one He does mandate, which is that we love one another). But if nothing else, realize that the guy who believes in a moral law written into the ontological fabric of the universe, even if its not precisely your code, is going to be an ally with you against the guy who proclaims that there is no moral law and is willing to back up his assertion with the argument-proof power of state compulsion. Give me that, at least.

You can get back to the Crusades once we topple the idol of Man and get Reason out of the mud hole they've been keeping her in.

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