Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Assuming Nothing

I've had a lot of blog posts clanging around in my head for a good while. I was actually starting to think that there was such a tangle developing in my head that it was the volume of thoughts themselves that were leading me to seize up ever time I got a keyboard in front of me. That, and all the lightsaber duel videos. (On an unrelated note: if you can build me a 1-1/2 length lightsaber housed in a claymore hilt, you are automatically my best friend.)

Of course, neither my debilitating creativity nor the Internet's singular ability to offer me things to beguile the time were entirely to blame. Honestly, I'm most inclined to blame my new favorite atheist-turned-convert blogger, whose linear progression from the Other Side of the Fence to my own side is narrated in such a way as to have forced a realization on me subconsciously, and which has only now occurred to my conscious mind; to whit, that this whole blogging thing is most interesting to me not when I'm broadcasting my own opinions, but when I'm deconstructing ideas - whether my own or others' - and reconstructing them to see if they actually fit together as advertised. This realization came to me as I read, unfolding before my eyes, the mental process of an unbeliever coming, in bits and chunks, and through reasoning, to a point where belief simply made more sense.

How has this been putting a damper on my own writing? Put simply, because it's making me realize that I have of late been falling into the trap I so frequently accuse others of falling into, and assuming far too much in framing my positions. I'm not doubting my positions, mind you. It's just that, as any good builder will tell you, before you start building your grand mansion, let alone gloat about how grand it is, you damn well better be sure the foundation's been laid correctly. You might make a cursory glance at the thing and assume it's okay, but unless you actually inspect the masonry, you can't be guaranteed that somebody isn't going to come along with a well-aimed sledgehammer and bring the whole work down.

So with that in mind, my major project for the foreseeable future is going to be deconstructing the foundation of my thinking, then rebuilt it. I know I want to start with the moral continuum, and after that I may wander into politics, but I'm open to other avenues of exploration. Hopefully after going through a couple of these exercises, the creative juices will start flowing and I'll come up with other things to pick apart.

In the meantime, keep looking for that light-claymore.

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