Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Wow This is Hard

"This" being more verbosely described as "writing without injecting excessive bite into the equation." Seriously, this is not easy. I had the perfect thing lined up to write about today, too. I ran across a fairly nutty situation in Missouri that, when I read about it, just screamed to me that, yes, the experiment of representative government has failed and we may as well pack it in and go home and...you get the idea. I've managed to burn through a week's worth of days writing and rewriting things and ultimately giving up because the result was just a bunch of acerbic noise. I need to find a way of doing this that doesn't drag me into that endearing scorched earth approach to marking my territory by trying to set my neighbors on fire.

I'm having the discomfiting realization that writing, and in a fashion that is more than just wrath wrapped in wit, will be a trifle more difficult to achieve than I thought it would be. Oh, well. Tomorrow will be better.

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