Saturday, March 29, 2014

A Scandal in the Church

That's what I call it when the really practical-minded ideas come from the neophytes and not my "cradle Catholic" compatriots. Not because I begrudge a convert who is smarter than I am - or at least, more articulate. Rather, it has to do with the fact that the exclusionists are guilty of rank tribalism, when to be so causes them to positively reek of hypocrisy. If you're the Christian, then how exactly do you expect to convert people by turning them into pariahs? And if you're one of the "progressives," well then why are you segregating your opponents when you have a more decent shot at winning hearts and minds by keeping them exposed to mainstream society? And don't both camps toot their respective horns about how all are supposedly welcome?

We'll leave aside the skepticism with which we've approached Pluralism in the recent past for the sake of this exercise, because no matter how unsupported it finds itself in reality, it's desirable in theory.

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