Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Are There Limits to Pluralism?

Short answer: Yes.

In reality, Pluralism in its oft-described form is actually a lie, because a cohesive community of people cannot, in point of fact, tolerate infinite diversity. Case in point, this article sent to me some time ago by Angry Lemming. The topic is simple: should a religious group that does not believe in making use of medical science be pursued under the law for negligence or abuse when adherence to those beliefs causes harm to an innocent third party such as a child. The article's author makes no plans at concealing his position that there should be no protection.

How does that jibe with freedom of religion? It doesn't. Freedom of religion can only ever exist in a qualified state. Any community that hopes to last for longer than this week has to bind its membership with a set of common, core moral tenets. You fall outside that core, you fall outside the community. I just wish more people could acknowledge this fact of life without feeling like they're some kind of bigot. 

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