Monday, March 10, 2014

Maybe I'm Missing the Point

Maybe the fixation on the existence of other life in the universe is, as Fr. Longnecker  sanctimoniously claims, merely the modern world's obsessive attempt to immanentize the tradition of angelic entities. He does have an interesting point about some overlapping details between preturnatural encounters and extraterrestrial ones, although I've never heard of an angel or demon probing anyone in...that way.

What annoys me is the hipsterish way in which he seems to reduce the question to an allegedly boring absurdity. I don't pretend to know if he's right, regardless of his own opinion of his eventual vindication. It may even be that the very evolution of the universe has transpired to give a home and eventual birth to Man. That sort of raw prodigality is not beyond the MO of the Almighty. But it isn't a given and it needn't go down that way.

And personally I still think aliens would be pretty cool.

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