Thursday, March 20, 2014

More on the Topic of Pluralism

Ross Douthat appears to have a finger on the pulse of an issue we discussed a few weeks ago, and rather succinctly summarizes a portion of my ungainly-phrased thesis. And maybe all of it.

As a refresher, Pluralism is only an inviolable principle when exercised by the dominant toward the dominated - but not the adversary. This is likely why nobody discusses Amish views on sexual identity. Who honestly cares? They don't bring any clout to the fight, so let them raise kids who are petrified of washing machines (so the argument might run).

But last time we were talking about nutty cults whose disbelief in medicine made Jenny McCarthy look well-balanced, weren't we? Yes, but as Douthat points out, not even the damage-to-others argument seems to hold consistent water. Enter again those pesky Amish, who in the name of religious liberty get to pull their kids out of school (fully out) by 8th grade. Even with the schools as crummy as they are, I don't think that should be considered giving the kids an edge. But the protection is enshrined in law. And nobody calls them nuts.

...Okay, so they're not the continuous whipping boy of a culture vehemently against what they espouse as core beliefs. Even though they do seem pretty much against the stuff that the Amish feel strongly on.

Man, this Pluralism stuff gets confusing.

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